Jonathan Reilly
Jonathan Reilly
United Kingdom


I am a Creative Director specialising in creating assets (both organic and hard surface) for visual effects, games, feature animation and for 3d print.

My strong understanding of visual effects and games pipelines and my proven skills in 3d applications allows me to efficiently carry assets from the concept stage all the way through to final retopology. The assets are not created simply for beauty renders but are production-friendly and ready for texturing, look development, rigging and animation.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for major Oscar-winning visual effects companies such as DNEG and MPC and for numerous award-winning games companies such as Sony Games and Cloud Imperium Games. Alongside this, I’ve been involved in the 3D Print industry and have created numerous sculpts for companies such as PCS, Hasbro and Prime 1.

I also have strong working relationships with technology and software developers such as Pixologic, Adobe, Keyshot and Wacom. These close ties allow me to keep my skills current and continuously improve my workflow and approach to handling complex tasks.

You can find more information on the projects I’ve worked on here: